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Naguonabe Lodge

State of the Lodge (May, 2014)

Hello fellow Arrowmen,

My name is Chris Amundson. I am the Chief of Naguonabe Lodge for the year of 2014. Naguonabe Lodge is looking forward to a great Section Conclave this year at Camp Ripley. We are all so excited to hang out with all of you guys from other lodges and just bond as brothers. Just some things about Naguonabe Lodge. We have no chapters because we are such a small lodge. We have received Gold on Journey to Excellence for the last year and we are on track for our goal of getting Gold for another year. We have a lot of good leadership in our lodge and we have been striving to expand our leadership opportunities in the lodge. We have been sending our lodge members to other lodge events to learn and grow from the experiences for our lodge. We are a really cool lodge and we are all looking forward to hanging out with everyone from other lodges.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Chris Amundson