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Pa-Hin Lodge

State of the Lodge (May, 2014)


 The mighty Pa-hin Lodge (home of the 3 peat Division 1 FCS Football Champions,) has been doing very well for its self! After finishing our unit elections, and after our first Spring Conclave this season, we have inducted 60 new Ordeal members, 28 new Brotherhood members and 2 new Vigil Honor members. At this last conclave we also had the honor of having Sections C-1A's very own Section Chief hold his Vigil.

    The Lodge is also starting a very new program called “Clothe the Scout” Campaign. This program is for low-income families that cannot afford to buy uniforms for their son or sons. Starting this summer we will start taking donations of scout shirts to either the Jon L. Wanzek Center for Scouting (4200 19th Ave S Fargo, ND 58103) or at Camp Wilderness. During fall recruitment we will begin the application process for families to fill out in order to obtain a uniform. This will be able to be found on the both the Council Website ( or on the Pa-hin website (, the applications will become obtainable starting this fall. I would like to encourage everyone to help to this cause, it is a great way to give back but to let every scout be part our great organization and family. If you have any questions on “Clothe the Scout” Campaign please fell free to contact myself at, or Travis Christopher (Northern Lights Council Scout Executive) at

    Last year the lodge started funding an OA Coordinator position at Camp Wilderness, this position is charged with over seeing and coordinating OA Ceremonies, meetings and Service Projects for each troop that visits camp. We are happy to announce that Chris Amundson the Lodge Chief for Naguonabe will be filling this position, congratulations Chris! If you have any questions about the OA program at Camp Wilderness feel free to contact Chris at

All in all, the lodge is running great and we are looking forward to Summer Camp, Fall Conclave and Section Conclave!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Seth Murray

2014 Pa-hin Lodge Chief