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Voices of Section C-1A

  In an effort to improve communications between lodges within the section, the publication The Voice of Section C-1A has been resurrected.  Historically, The Voice of Section C-1A was published as a mailed out newsletter.  As society has advanced, we have moved past the point that a mailed out newsletter is more effective than an online publication.   Instead of emailing out a newsletter, typically to only those involved with Section Conclave planning, this page has been created on the website to allow any Arrowman, be they an Ordeal, from Texas, or 32 years old, to read the articles submitted for publication in The Voice of Section C-1A.  


The current Section C-1A Secretary is Ty Milner from Ka'niss Ma'ingan Lodge.  To submit articles for publication on this page, send an email to


Chiefly Speaking (NEW-March, 2015)

(Vice) Chiefly Speaking

Noted Regards (Secretary) 


Advisers Minutes


Reports from the Lodges:

Tetonwana (May, 2014)

Ka'Niss Ma'ingan

Totanhan Nakaha (May, 2014)

Pa-Hin (May, 2014)

Naguonabe (May, 2014)


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